Academic Building Spotlights

Academic Building Spotlights


The academic buildings on campus are more than they appear from the outside. Behind their doors lie many cutting-edge innovations which are available for students to utilize.

Academic building at UNLV

Science & Engineering Building

The Science & Engineering Building is a state-of-the-art research facility designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. With its exceptional laboratory space, the building offers opportunities for faculty and students to participate in research using some of the most technologically advanced equipment available. The building also houses Nevada’s only nanotechnology clean room.

Greenspun Hall

Greenspun Hall features cutting-edge technology including a high-definition broadcast facility for the student-run radio and television programs KUNV-FM and UNLV-TV. The building generates about 30 percent of its own power, making it UNLV’s first facility to be LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) gold-certified.

Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex

Named after the university’s longest-serving president, the Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex houses nearly half of the classrooms on campus. The Office of International Programs, which helps students take advantage of study abroad opportunities across the globe, is also located within this complex.

Robert L. Bigelow physics building

Replica of Howard R. Hughs' H-1 Racer

Robert L. Bigelow Physics Building

Color spectrum hall banners, building walls curved like a sine wave, and an apple tree honoring Newton’s gravity realization are just a few of the science representations at the Robert L. Bigelow Physics Building. This building houses physics and astronomy labs, as well as an observatory telescope.

Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex

This building houses the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering which features soil and robotics labs, a wind tunnel, a water flume, and acoustic chambers. The complex also features a full-scale replica of Howard R. Hughes’ record-setting H-1 Racer.

Stan Fulton Building

The Stan Fulton Building boasts an innovative gaming laboratory and the Bistro Café. Here students get hands-on experience with casino games, technology, cooking, and restaurant management. This building also houses the International Gaming Institute, the premier source of gaming research, training, and education.

UNLV Campus

Carlson Education Building

Flora Dungan Humanities Building

The Flora Dungan Humanities Building is the tallest structure on campus. It contains auditoriums, classrooms, lecture halls, and the offices of the president and provost.

William D. Carlson Education Building

The William D. Carlson Education Building was designed to meet the needs of teacher preparation. It features a Parent & Family Wellness Center, classrooms, study rooms, and areas for educational testing. It also houses the Teacher Development & Resources Library, which contains an extensive collection of reference and professional materials.

Lied Library

Hospitality Hall

Lied Library

As the main and largest library at UNLV, Lied Library is the intellectual center of campus. It is recognized for several technological innovations, including an automated storage and robotic retrieval system capable of storing 1.2 million volumes. This library boasts 2,500 study spaces, 300 computer workstations, and group study rooms. Library faculty and staff provide students with skills to access information and research sources essential for academic success.

Hospitality Hall

In spring 2018, students will begin classes in Hospitality Hall, the new state-of-the-art academic building housing the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality. Located in the heart of the UNLV campus, Hospitality Hall will provide students with 93,000 square feet of collaborative learning space and includes special features, such as convertible classrooms, a student-run café, an executive learning kitchen, and a golf management learning center.