The Arts at UNLV


From world-class artists to notable speakers, UNLV hosts a wide variety of cultural, educational, and academic activities that are open to the public.


Barrick Museum & Baepler Xeric Garden

The Barrick Museum is the center for art on campus where everyone can enjoy incredible works of art from past and present cultures. The 9,000 square-foot Baepler Xeric Garden, designed as an extension of the museum, exhibits plants from across the world and demonstrates how drought-tolerant plants and an efficient irrigation system combine to save water and create an attractive landscape.

Richard Tam Alumni Center

In addition to housing alumni services and event spaces, the Richard Tam Alumni Center features a 3,000 square-foot circular art gallery overlooking the Heliotrope, a contemporary sculpture created by internationally renowned artist Patrick Zentz.

Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall

With comfortable seating for 1,800+ attendees, excellent acoustics, and great sightlines, this spacious concert hall showcases a wide range of student and professional performances throughout the year including ballet, light opera, folk, pop, jazz, and full symphonic productions.

Judy Bayley Theatre

Home to many of UNLV’s performing arts groups, this attractive 550 seat theatre features a raked auditorium, a fully-rigged proscenium stage, and a thrust-apron that can be used as an orchestra pit. If you have some extra time while on campus, you should see a performance! Visit to see schedules and to purchase tickets.

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